EMDX Protocol

Autonomous Derivative Markets

What is EMDX?

EMDX is a decentralized derivative exchange that focuses on bringing traditional assets into the web3 environment and enhancing cross-fi liquidity.

Value Proposition

One-Stop Shop

The main value proposition of EMDX is to give users a unique trading experience through a One-Stop Shop where they can find several and highly liquid derivative products. Perpetual contracts, futures, and spot products are currently available for all types of investors who can execute directional trades, arbitrages or hedging operations in an extremely efficient protocol in terms of market depth and trading fees.

User-centric approach.

EMDX has been developed to improve the user experience when interacting with decentralized platforms. The platform is oriented to make hard and professional-grade products understandable and reachable to investors, whether sophisticated or not. Thus, the protocol seeks to balance the quality and quantity of the statistical information and monitoring tools that are offered.

Traditional and Emerging Market Assets and Risks

One of EMDX´s core goals is to expand crypto financial products linked to traditional assets, and specifically to Emerging Markets, for those traders who want to trade on these type of assets or need to hedge associated risks. As we see EM financial assets lack of proper venue trading solutions and products, essentially because of frictions and barriers for retails users as well as poor technical and operational infrastructure.

Decentralized Derivatives

EMDX has already listed Perpetual Swap products for BTC/USDC, ETH/USDC and AVAX/USDC on top of the Avalanche network. The platform will keep expanding the scope of products offered and following the Q322 roadmap, will make other blockchains such as a smart-bitcoin blockchain (RSK) available.

EMDX subnet for Cross-Fi trading.

EMDX is tackling some of the key blockers and making DeFi derivatives very enticing to institutions by creating a market designed to be compliant with exchanges main financial regulations.
EMDX’s infrastructure pipeline contemplates implementing Avalanche’s subnets technology that consist of a set of validators to achieve consensus and foster horizontal blockchain scalability. That is to say that the greater and more distributed across different regions the subnet nodes are, the more secure and robust the subnetwork becomes.
Subnets architecture makes regulatory compliance manageable. Within a subnet realm, validators might be also in charge of running the KYC processes. Since EMDX subnet will be a fully KYC’ed trading zone where the wallets are connected in a secure way to the identity of the controlling party, once the process is passed, users will be inside a “permissioned venue” and will be free to trade derivatives and spot products as they see fit.
Moreover, through subnets EMDX will be able to provide CEX-like trading experience as fees, throughput and most of the centralized trading tools like decentralized orderbooks and conditional orders, are way more achievable thanks to its customizable technology.

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