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Staking Program


The Early-Staking program has been specifically designed for users who participated in the First Community Airdrop: Genesis and Early users and early contributors who hold $aEMDX tokens. The staking contract is deployed on the Avalanche Fuji C-Chain, providing aEMDX token holders with the opportunity to stake their tokens and earn $EMDX rewards at the same time. In this program, users can stake their $aEMDX testnet tokens for a six-month period and withdraw $EMDX on mainnet tokens. Here are the key details of the Early-Staking:
  • Deposits Starts: June 27th at 3 p.m. UTC
  • Deposits End: June 30th at 3 p.m. UTC
  • Staking Duration: 6 months
  • APR: 74%
  • Staking Starts: July 15th, 2023
  • Withdrawal of rewards at any time: Users can claim their $EMDX rewards on mainnet at their convenience.
  • Governance: Staked tokens have the same functionality as $EMDX tokens.
Note: $aEMDX holders have the option to stake a partial portion of their $aEMDX tokens in the Early-Staking program and claim the remaining part during the first unlocking period of $EMDX tokens on mainnet, which begins on July 1st.


Staking rewards are determined using the following formula:
Rewards = (User's staked amount / Total staked amount) * (Total rewards / Rewards period) * User's staking period