Start trading


Protocol connection. MetaMask usage.

The first step consists of having an operative web3 technology compatible wallet like Metamask, which is EMDX´s first integrated wallet app (we will be adding other wallet apps soon). The next step consists of connecting the Metamask wallet to the protocol. The main aspect is to check that it is connected to the Avalanche network or the RSK network (coming soon). The following tutorial is a useful guide to understand the procedure.

Native Cryptocurrency Balance

Like in any other decentralized trading platform investors need to have funds in the native cryptocurrency of the network the protocol is running on in order to start trading. This is because every transaction has to pay network fees in order to be carried out (AVAX in Avalanche, and RBTC in RSK). The AVAX token can be bought in any of the following markets and the RBTC token can be acquired through these exchanges

Warning: "Do not send AVAX fromo your X-Chain Avalanche address to a C-Chain Avalanche address"

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