Referral Program

The EMDX Referral Program was designed to provide each Trader with the opportunity to earn rewards for certain actions performed by the new members of the Program, known as Affiliates, whom they have invited.


Everyone is welcome to participate in the referral program by creating their own code and promoting it on social media or by coming up with new ways to share it. Users can participate as one or both of the following:

  1. Trader: Users who generate their own referral code and share it with friends and anons.

  2. Affiliate: Users who use a referral code provided by a friend or anon.

Each user is only allowed to generate one code, which cannot be changed in the future, therefore they should choose their code carefully.

Initially, the Referral Program will offer two types of rewards:

  1. Trader Rebates: Each Trader will receive USDC based on the affiliate's paid fees.

  2. Affiliate Rebates: Each Affiliate will get rebates while trading.


The Level-system was created to ensure that Traders receive rebates for the number of users they refer to trade on the EMDX platform while also preventing self-referral gaming.

LevelRebate to Trader (USDC)Rebate to Affiliate Exclusivity

Level 1



A weekly minimum of 2 active users trading with your referral code + A weekly combined volume above $250k

Level 2



A weekly minimum of 5 active users trading with your referral code + A weekly combined volume above $500k

Level 3



A weekly minimum of 10 active users trading with your referral code + A weekly combined volume above $1M

Levels upgrade

If your account meets the requirements for upgrading your code to Level 2 or Level 3, please complete the following application form. The EMDX team will contact you right away.

Rebates apply on the opening and closing fees for leverage trading.

On EMDX the opening and closing fees are 0.1%, Trader Rebates are calculated before Affiliate Rebates so Traders earn on the full maker free. As a result, the Traders would earn rebates equal to the total of all rebates applied to each of their Affiliates that operate in EMDX.

Level downgrade

Users must meet the weekly minimum requirements for an entire month to maintain their current level. If they don’t match the monthly criteria, their level will be lowered.

Timing and distribution

The rewards calculation begins at 00:00 UTC on the first of every month and ends at 00:00 UTC on the first of the following month. All referral rewards are distributed monthly on the first Monday of every month.

Note: The Referral Program is subject to change as determined by the EMDX Governance System.

Step-by-step tutorials

How to create your own Referral Code as a “Trader”.

  1. Make sure that you have added the Avalanche Network to your supported wallet (MetaMask or Core)

  2. Go to and click on "Connect wallet" to generate a code to begin earning rebates. (If you already have a code, you will be directed to the dashboard to view your rewards.)

  3. Once you connect your wallet, you will be prompted to sign into your wallet and, if you haven't already, to switch to the Avalanche Network.

  4. There are two modules: "Trader" for creating your own code, and "Affiliate" for using a friend's code (check the Affiliate tutorial to learn how). In order to get more rebates, you can act as both; in this case, you'll create your code on the first one. Note: The code must have between 3 and 10 characters and must only contain letters; this cannot be changed in the future.

  5. After you've created your code, you'll be taken to your dashboard, where you can view all of you rebates and affiliates associated with your code. To make things easier, you can find your code as a QR code, share it on Twitter, or download it as an image to share with your friends to earn more rewards.

  6. You can check your earned fees, the number of affiliates who have used your referral code, and your Rebates History organized by periods on the dashboard. The dashboard also includes a list of affiliates for your referral code and your current level. Keep in mind that you can increase your level using the specified system here.

  7. You are now all set to share your code with the world and continue trading with EMDX Referral Program rewards!

How to use a Referral Code as an “Affiliate”

  1. Get a referral code from a trader friend and go to, then click "connect your wallet," from which you can choose one of two options:

    1. Use the code on the Referral Program landing page and then create your own referral code.

    2. Use the code on your dashboard after you’ve created your own referral code.

  2. In the two cases above, you must still sign the transaction on your wallet in order to register for the referral code.

  3. You’re now all set to receive rebates as an affiliate of the EMDX Referral Program.

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