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Airdrop for Genesis and Early users

EMDX is allocating 5 million of EMDX tokens to users that have been testing the EMDX platform since our launch, supporting EMDX's fast community growth and to those who join us after the airdrop announcement, according to conditions set forth below.

Snapshots and categories.

There will be 2 snapshots:
  1. 1.
    A snapshot in March 1st 5PM UTC, 2022 (First Snapshot). All existent addresses before the First Snapshot will be considered "Genesis Users".
  2. 2.
    A snapshot ending in March 11th 00:00 UTC, 2022 (Second Snapshot). All the addresses between the First Snapshot and the Second Snapshot, will be considered "Early Users".
Keep in mind that this is only the first of many rewards, advantages and benefits for these two categories of EMDX supporters


The allocation of 5 Million of EMDX tokens will be delivered in two phases:
  1. 1.
    Phase 1, that comprises 2,5 Million of EMDX tokens (Phase 1 Tokens)
  2. 2.
    Phase 2, that comprises 2,5 Million of EMDX tokens (Phase 2 Tokens)

Phase 1

Only "Genesis Users" will be eligible to participate in the two first categories of beneficiaries:
  1. 1.
    Trade testing
  2. 2.
    Issue reporting/suggestions.
"Genesis users" and "Early users" will be eligible to participate in the last category of beneficiaries:
3. Social media support
Each category will have an Amount of Tokens allocated. This Amount of Tokens will be distributed among the eligible participants.
Amount of Tokens
Trade Testing
Based on amount of TX
Issue reporting / suggestions
Those who have reported issues or made suggestions
Social media support
To those who follow us on ALL our social media channels: Discord, Twitter and Telegram

Trade testing distribution tiers

Amount of TX
Tokens to be distributed within the tier
more than 500
100 to 500
10 to 100
1 to 10
Tiers and tokens to be distributed within each of them, are based on analysis done by our team, that took into account: 1. Number of participants / addresses; 2. Participants/addresses' number of transactions 3. Fair distribution considering participants' efforts and EMDX's benefits from these actions.

Delivery of tokens

Phase 1 Tokens will be sent to users' addresses within 15 days after the Second Snapshot takes place. Although users will be able to use their balance as voting power when governance actions start, these tokens will be temporarily unable to be traded.

Unlock of tokens

Phase 1 Tokens will be unlocked in two tranches.
1st tranche: 50% of these EMDX tokens will be fully unlocked (meaning users will be able to trade them) 30 days after the Public Sale/IDO ends. This event is planned to take place in april 2022.
2nd tranche: remaining 50% of EMDX tokens will be unlocked 30 days after the 1st tranche unlock takes place.

Phase 2

Phase 2 Tokens will be proportionally assigned to the same addresses, but will be subject to the general vesting schedule (see Tokenomics) and to the following conditions:
  • Beneficiaries must use the EMDX platform regularly with a minimum trading amount (MTA).
  • MTA should double the market value of the EMDX token received during the previous period to be eligible to receive EMDX tokens in the next period.
  • MTA market value will be priced according to the price of EMDX tokens at the end of the previous period.
Example: A user receives 2000 EMDX tokens at the end of the 1st 60-day period, at a token price of 0.25 cts each, which is worth 500 USD. In order to be eligible for receiving EMDX tokens at the end of the 2nd 60-day period, they need a MTA of 1000 USD over this current period.

Governance actions.

The main goal for this Airdrop is to enhance our "Genesis and Early Users" to participate actively in the EMDX decision-making process. In doing so, EMDX is deepening its decentralization because these governance instruments will properly allow the community to propose, discuss and vote on the future of the protocol.

Reward registration process

  1. 1.
    Test the EMDX platform (at least one transaction required). Broken link to fund your MetaMask wallet with USDC and AVAX
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
    Follow EMDX on Twitter
  5. 5.
    Like and retweet the pinned tweett
  6. 6.
    Visit to complete the registration

Airdrop Distribution Update 04.01.2022

The airdrop distribution started on March 26th for Genesis and Early Users who completed the registration form. It came to the EMDX team's attention that some users who did not fulfil all the social media missions were left out. This issue was caused by a miscommunication between the form and documentation tasks: Many users quoted the tweet instead of retweeting it, and many others didn't give a like to the tweet.
To compensate for this misunderstanding, we are opening a new form with a 6-day window (starting on April 1st at 4PM UTC until April 7th at 11PM UTC) to complete the retweet and liking the tweet steps in order to claim the corresponding rewards. Users can check their airdrop status and fix those missions steps if needed on
Note: Since the form is not in real time, you will not be able to see the completed actions until the 6-day window closes. We’re adding new tokens to the distribution for those who have already received their reward to remain unchanged.
Please, be aware:
  • The EMDX team cannot take actions with users who changed their addresses or social media handles after the Genesis/Early User registration period
  • Those who registered with multiple addresses with one handle, will receive their rewards at the address that generated the highest number of tokens
  • Those who already have received their reward are not required to perform any additional actions
Users will be able to check their rewards once the 6-day window is closed and the allocation distribution has taken place, scheduled on April 8th at 11PM UTC.

Regulatory Notice

EMDX may update, change, replace or cancel the Terms and the Program, at any time, without prior notice. Unless otherwise communicated by EMDX, the Program will be in place until the total amount of EMDX Tokens allocated to the Program have been distributed. The Program does not allow citizens or residents from the United States or other sanctioned countries. A country may be discretionarily added or removed from the list; and any other requirement that EMDX may consider necessary from time to time.